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I’m Starting a Blog and This Is My First Post

Hi! I’m Kevin King, a digital marketer and lover of all things SEO and content marketing.

I’ve been working professionally in the digital marketing space, in some capacity, for approximately eleven years. A brief glimpse of how I got to this point in time looks something like this;

  • 2007-2009: Taught myself everything I could about SEO
  • 2009-2013: Got a job at a homegrown digital agency – worked with all sorts of clients and industries
  • 2013-2015: Got a job at SaaS startup – applied SEO skills and learned even more digital skills
  • 2015-2018: Got put in charge of marketing SaaS startup’s 2nd product – applied all digital skills
  • 2018-Present: Got a job at another SaaS startup – Director of Marketing

The core of that work has been anchored in, you guessed it, SEO. That practice has helped inform all of my other work optimizing web experiences for user intent and traffic growth. That’s everything from content marketing to lead gen (or demand gen if you want to get buzzwordy about it).

In all that time working on other people’s websites, or my employer’s, I always had a goal to start my own website, but never knew what it should be about or if I’d have the time to do it.

But after stumbling onto a handful of “side-hustle” blogs and podcasts focused on digital marketing, I had a very stereotypical lightbulb moment. Maybe THAT’s what I should focus on?

So that’s what I decided to do.

Let me formally welcome you to my blog about digital marketing and traffic growth strategies 🙂

So? Why Should You Care?

Well, you probably shouldn’t, yet. It’s up to me to build that trust over time.

But my goal is to help.

Through resourceful content that helps drive more traffic, leads and revenue through your website. And it’s about time that I helped others through blogging, because that’s exactly how I got my career.

I was lucky enough to learn SEO through content published by guru’s such as Rand Fishkin, Wil Reynolds and Will Critchlow (and many more).

That core 3, and their respective companies (SEOmoz, SEER Interactive & Distilled), championed such a unique and authentic approach to SEO (and digital marketing in general), that it made me fall in love with SEO.

That passion for SEO bred more passion for digital marketing, which bred quantifiable success and results.

It’s those results that have ultimately led to this blog. If I can help pass on even the tiniest bit of what I’ve learned onto one person, this blog will be a success.

Aren’t There a Ton of Blogs like This?


There are a ton of blogs like these out there. Alot of really great ones actually. I’ll probably reference some of them from time to time because they have great content.

It’s those blogs that have inspired me to go on this journey. My hope is that I can emulate their success and provide some guidance and value to people looking to learn how to do this stuff on their own.

Let’s Set Some Expectations First

I fully expect this blog to evolve over time. The name, the branding, the content, etc. It’s somewhat of a sandbox for me to test and try out new things. I secretly hope it grows into a consultancy or agency of some sort, but we’ll see. I’ll be open about that as we go.

Right now, it’s a completely free and open resource. I’m not gating or charging for any content as of now. I do have a newsletter that will send out content (sign up in the sidebar!), but that’s it. It will be low touch and only go out once a month with the latest content.

You will notice some affiliate ads to start as well, because I want to generate income to sustain this project, but those ads will always promote tools that I actively use and support. See the SEMrush ad in the sidebar to the right. They’re one of my favorite tools and I’ll mention them frequently because of that and I’ll be open about what I am affiliated `with.

So with that, there are few themes I want to emphasize that will drive my content strategy forever.

What This Blog is About

  • Transparency – I will be 100% transparent about my intentions, advertising, success, failures, etc.
  • Resourcefulness – There will be no fluff, content will be as resourceful as possible
  • Quality vs Quantity – I will not be publishing every day. I want to focus on putting out good content, so a couple blog posts a month to start because they take time.

If content doesn’t ever support those 3 themes, let me know. I’ll have comments turned on. Let’s keep the discussion pleasant though. I’m looking at you internet.

So, please, join me as I go on this journey. I’m super excited about it.


Kevin King is the creator of Tenderfoot Digital. An experienced and collaborative marketing leader (10+ years) with fundamental skills built on organic search (SEO) and content marketing strategies designed to accelerate and scale growth.

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